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Hello Everyone!

I just finished editing this You Tube Video where I portray three characters from 'INSIDE OUT' Cartoon Movie : JOY, SADNESS and DISGUST. Theses are some of Riley's emotions and if you haven't seen this movie yet, take a break, order some pizza and watch it right now :))).

 This can also be a perfect Halloween Makeup, so let's get started.

I'll post down below the products I used to create each one of these characters.

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These are three of RILEY's emotions:

Products I used: 


  • In order to achieve  that pale yellow face I combined a pure yellow face paint with a white one
  • MAKEUP TIP:  you can powder your face with a translucent powder, to get rid of the sticky feeling you'll ahve from the greasy face paints, or , you can just use watercolors, which are face paint colors that get activated with water and then just dry nicely on your face ;)
  • I defined my eyebrowswith a turquoise eye pencil
  • On the eyes I applied a bright silky shimmery eyeshadow (MUFE) and created a rounded eye shape
  • Then with an indigo blue ( MUFE) I darkened the upper lashline
  • And then I blended in a Black eyeshadow (Mehron Celebre ShadoBlend Palette) to darken out the blue and create more definition.
  • Along the lower lashline I smudged the indigo blue I applied previously and blend it downwards to keep that rounded catoonish eye shape
  • For cheeks I combined a bright fuchsia blush with a bright orange one and tapped it on the apple of my cheeks
  • MAKEUP TIP:  if the blush gets patchy take the beauty blender and run it over the edges or where you have your problem area and this will smooth it out
  • On the lips I applied MAC Pink Plaid Lipstick 
  • I applied one coat of mascara ( KIKO False Lashes Concentrate)
  • We're done!!!


  • For the blue face I combined the blue creamy face paint with the white one
  • With a dark blue eye pencil I created the sad eyebrows
  • On the lids I applied a combination of bright blue and indigo blue (MUFE)
  • On the lower lashline I smudged the indigo blue just halfway
  • I applied a white pencil on the waterline to give the illusion of bigger eyes.
  • Then I applied a coat of mascara ( KIKO False Lashes Concentrate)
  • On the cheeks I dusted a bright fuchsia blush
  • On the lips I applied a layer of royal blue face paint then a layer of white face paint and then a bit of purple-ish pink lipstick
  • Then put on my glasses and that's it!

  •  In order to achieve that light green face I combined green, yellow and white face paints
  • With a teal eye pencil I defined a frown shaped eyebrow (KIKO Automatic Precision Eyeliner and Khol 710)
  • Then with the same eyeliner I lined my lower lashline
  • In the crease I applied a combination of a chartreuse green and a forest green (MUFE)
  • Then on the lid I applied a bright fuchsia eyeshadow and lined my upper lashline with black eyeliner and stopped just where my natural lashes end.
  • On the lower lashline I applied the same colors I applied in the crease and blended them well into the green pencil and then applied some green glitter
  • For the inner corner I used a silvery light blue highlighter eyeshadow (MUFE)
  • On the lips I applied a mauve pink
  • I glued on my lashes, which I created, blink,blink :D
  • And we're done!
  •  Disgust is ready to rock! ;)

 Hope you enjoyed these funny makeup looks and don't forget to comment down below because I really want to know your opinion ;)

See you soon! Happpppy Halloween!!!

Miki ;)

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