Why does Instagram change the colour of my photos?

Hello my friends,

Today I stumbled across an issue on Instagram and for a while I couldn't understand why my pictures are so off as soon as I open them in Instagram. I used to spend another 30 min to edit the photo in app, so that I could get the colours back. Today I searched online to find out that I'm not the only one facing this problem.

Why does Instagram change the colour of my photos?
instagram changes photos colours
You can certainly see the difference between these two pictures above and I'm gonna cut this story short and tell you what worked for me and how I fixed it.
When I take my pictures with the DSLR camera I usually edit them in Photoshop and this is where the catch is. My picture's problem was the colour profile and I'm not going to bore you with the technical  details about it, but this might be one of the problems that Instagram doesn't support.

So if you edit your pictures in Photoshop, make sure that you convert your photo profile to RGB, sRGB, before you save it. 
The pictures are quite self explanatory, you have to go in EDIT - CONVERT TO PROFILE, then from Profiles choose the Working RGB - sRGB .

As you can see below, my colour profile was set to Working CMYK, which in this case is not the right one for screens and a lot of apps do not support it.

Wrong colour profile for screens


Hope this was helpful for you and don't hesitate to ask any questions if you might have.

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