Z Palettes and NYX Lipsticks from Cocktail Cosmetics

Z Palettes in Black and Zebra Print

I'm so excited with these Z palettes that I purchased from cocktailcosmetics , cuz I finally could gather together all my Kryolan, MAC, Parisax and Atelier Makeup single eyeshadows (depotted or refills). These come in two sizes, but I only purchased 2 large ones in black and zebra print. The only problem is that the MAC pans don't stay in place very well even with an extra magnet attached to it. In a large palette fit about 26 MAC pans so it's quite practical.
What I mostly like about it is the clear lid on top so that you can easily see what you're looking for and the magnetic closure, which is very strong.
However I think it's a little bit expensive considering the material it's made of: cardboard, so it shouldn't come in contact with water or oil... I must confess I take good care of mines.
But all in all I like the Z palettes and I would repurchase them.

From left to right: Orange Soda, Strawberry Milk, Paris

When I received these NYX lipsticks I was amazed to see how creamy and pigmented they were. They're similar to YSL Rouge Volupte buttery texture lipticks and I really had a crash on Paris, I use it every day...They charmed me :))
I couldn't believe that for such an affordable price you get a high-end products comparable quality.
I will definitely order again muuuch more.
Thumbs up!
So stay tuned for other swatches as soon as I get them.

***Update: You can see more swatches here .

Swatches for NYX lipsticks from left to right: Paris, Strawberry Milk, Orange Soda



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