Review: Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Concealing Duo

Hello Everyone!
I bought this concealer a couple of months ago and I was amazed since the first application.  I thought this review could be helpfull to someone who really needs a high coverage concealer.
I took these pictures in natural light, when the concealer was unused.

with concealer                                                                            without concealer
For this pic I used flash

For this pic I used flash

This concealer has a creamy consistency, it's moisturising and covers very good dark circles and also blemishes.
When applying it's necessary only a touch up, due to it's high pigmentation you only need a thin layer to cover the under eye circles. If you apply too much it could cake up.
Well in spite of it's consistency it doesn't feel heavy, it leaves my skin so soft and velvety and I usually set it with powder.
I use it in LIGHT and has two shades to blend if necessary so that can match your skin colour or you can use them separately.
I usually apply the darker shade that has an orange tint to it to cover my under eyes little blue veins.
It's great if you apply it over a base (primer, foundation) or at least on a hydrated skin.
What I don't like it's the brush, but this is not very important to me.

If you have any questions about the product leave comments or send me an email. Don't forget to follow me :D xoxo



  1. OH my god!! It looks so amazing! I can see the great results!! I wonder if this is available here in Spain since I do not remember finding it!!
    Thanks so much for writing about it.
    Love from a new follower,

  2. Go to Estee Lauder stores and ask for it! They should have it. I loooove it, it's great for me. Please before you buy this product, just try it on to see if it works on you. Kisses Catanya and thanks for following me. xoxo

  3. Hello, I know this post is old,but please just in case if you still have this product, can you send me a picture of the bottom of it, because i order it, and it look weird, i mean the bottom do not have nothing, no text no nothing and i was wondering if its fake...
    Thank you

    1. Love, unfortunately I don't have the product anymore,but you can always search on Google.It should write the shade or the name,I can't remember to be honest with you :D

  4. Hello, I love your side.
    One question. Do you know where I can buy this product? In Austria you can´t find them anymore. Can you help me! Will be great!
    Lots of greetings from Vienna,

  5. Hello Miki,I find your greatful side. I love it. It´s amazing:-)
    One question about this product. Do you know where I can find it or order it? In Austria you can´t find it anymore.
    It will be great if you give me some idea.
    Best greetings from Vienna,

  6. Hi Natalie! I think they still sell it, but probably the packaging changed slightly bit. If you search on Google it should show you options of where to buy it in your country. Or you can ask in stores.
    Thank you for commenting and hope you'll visit my blog again, love.
    Have a wonderful day!


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