Kinetics Nail Polish Haul!

Hello My Girls!

These past weeks I certainly had a nail polish obsession, I just couldn't stop buying them...That was the time when I discovered a professional nail polish brand and as I wanted something new I said I could give them a chance.
 Soon I'm gonna be doing a review about them, for the moment I want to try them all out and play with them a bit.
And here it is my Kinetics nail polish collection! You can find them here .
I took the pictures in natural daylight.

From left to right: Summer Passion, Glow, Afterparty,  Purple Madness,
Beginnings and Hot Spot

These shades caught my attention because they are so bright and in the same time they are cremes, which I absolutely love, I prefer adding glitter when needed.
I paid for each of these nail polishes £3.40 I think, so they're not expensive at all, and there are lots of shades to choose from, an online catalog it's on their site.
I also found a site where you can purchase them online here.

I'll review and swatch them soon, so stay tuned!

Warm kisses! Muaahh!



  1. ohhhh me encanta tu blog es genial te sigoo
    un beso te dejo la dire dle mio por si te interesa
    Soy Paloma y me encargo de la

    sección de belleza.

  2. i really love kinetics
    the polishes are so so good :)
    i have summer passion too :)
    kiss and check out my blog giveaway


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