100 followers! Yay!

Hello my sweeties!

I was checking the comments you wrote to me when I saw I reached 100 followers on my blog, I'm soooo happy, yes I know it's kinda childish, but I really appreciate that you're reading my blog and you're sharing thoughts with me.
Therefore, I'm gonna be doing a giveaway these days, so stay tuned guys! I want to thank all of you who followed my blog and all of my readers. It means sssoooo much to me, you can't imagine... 
See ya soon!

These are some pics of me from a last year calendar photoshoot, before cutting my hair.

Kisses and hugs guys! Muuuuuaaahhh!!!!



  1. Hmmm...the most beautiful woman on planet earth, actually, in the universe.xxx L

  2. Hello Lala, i wrote you an email! Check it later =)

  3. Lala,

    I sent u an email, check it later =)

  4. Yeeee, I know how it feel when you see that someone actually care and love what you write (and show). Priceless! :)
    Since today I'm your biggest fan, seriously, I love what you create:* Plus amazing pictures... Full Package :)

    I would be glad if you visit me in your free time;)

  5. @artlook4u : words like yours make me continue what I'm doing, it means a loooot to me...thank you so much.


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