Illamasqua Summer Sale!

Hey Girls!

I just placed my order from Illamasqua cosmetics, can't wait to receive the parcel and girls, they still have the awesome summer sale with a lot of eyeshadows, mascaras, eye pencils all at 5£, concealers, lipglosses, powders, cream foundations, pure pigments and much more at 10£ and a lot of other products 25% off.

It's crazy!

I'll review the products as soon as I get them and try them on. 

Do you have Illamasqua products?
What's your favourite one?

Kisses sweeties.

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  1. Yeeey, hopefully I'll get a beautiful make up soon with them :) xoxo

  2. That's for sure honey, I owe you a lot already... Kisses, muuaah!

  3. The first lipstick I ever got from Illamasqua was Liv, the perfect pink for a NC15 skintone like mine. It does not wash me out, like most pale pink lipsticks do (see NYX Harmonica, lol)I also have Oblige and it is vibrant without being too much in your face. I also love their lip glosses, Fierce has to be the perfect purple lip gloss out there, so opaque. Another must have colour from Illamasqua is their nail polish in Jo'Mina, such a pretty, vibrant violet purple to suit every skin tone, from pale to dark. A total must-have! I think they have brought it out again for the summer.


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