Liebster Blog Award

Hello Everyone!

Guys, I'm so excited because I was given the Liebster Blog Award and I want to thank  Miss Gok-Jan for that.

'Liebster Blog Award for active bloggers with followers below 200 in order to gain them exposure and make connections.'

 Well I'm really happy for this award , it's my third one since I started blogging and I really appreciate that you're reading my blog and make all these things happen.

Now my mission is to name 5 other blogs that I like and have below 200 followers.  Tough job, hmmm...

And here are the winners in no particular order:

 Check them out!

The winners will have to post about this award on their blogs, linking back to its giver and finally to comment on the blogs they have chosen to win and let them know about it.




  1. Hello!! Thank you very much for the prize!
    I am charmed with the makeup inspired by Cleopatra. Precious!
    Regards from Spain!:)

  2. Thank-you for the blog award. That's very sweet of you! I will try to name 5 other blogs on my blog when I get a chance!


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