Review: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Lipsticks

Hello Sweeties!

YSL  Rouge Volupté Lipsticks are some kind of STARS! And no wonder, because they're like little jewels, literally, that every woman should have in their purses. The luxuriant and elegant golden case is what makes your eyes roll and not to forget the gorgeous range of colors. It also has a mirror on top of the case, so it's very practical too.

Lately I purchased 2 YSL Rouge Volupté Lipsticks in 'Sweet Honey' (No. 4) and 'Orange Shiver' (No. 14) and 1 YSL Rouge Volupté Perle in 'Mesmerizing Purple' (No. 106) which is from the Fall Collection 2011.

From left to right: Orange Shiver, Mesmerizing Purple, Sweet Honey

As far as I could see all Rouge Volupté Lipsticks have a peachy/ watermelon/ rosey scent, I can't really define this scent, and a sweet taste.
The original lipsticks (Rouge Volupté) have a very creamy, almost buttery texture, they're moisturizing and apply on smoothly, have a good pigmentation, they have a decent lasting power on lips, the bold colors last longer than the nude ones.

                                 YSL  Sweet Honey                               YSL  Orange Shiver                                    

The range of colors is beautiful, from nude colors to bold ones, they don't have shimmer/ glitter.
Anyway, I'm happy with these 2 lippies and I would try another shades too. When I use them my lips look fuller and plumper.

The Perle Collection is different from the original one, they're glossy and shiny with multicoloured shimmer. 'Mesmerizing Purple' it's a shade that caught my eyes at first , it looks cool - a very dark purple with red and violet shimmer, but this lipstick it's really hard to apply on. It stains, it's watery, it doesn't stay in place and it accentuates the lines on my lips, it's like all the colour it's diving in these wrinkles.
I don't know about the other shades how they look like on lips, but I wouldn't buy this again, although the color is still pretty.

YSL Mesmerizing Purple

Here are some swatches:

From left to right: Orange Shiver (14), Mesmerizing Purple(106), Sweet Honey(4)

From left to right: Sweet Honey(4), Mesmerizing Purple(106), Orange Shiver(14)

What about you? Have you tried these lipsticks? What's your opinion?

Kisses, Lala.



  1. I need that purple! These look amazing.

  2. Oh.!! I loventhat purple!!

  3. I have not tried any of these. Sweet honey looks nice. :)

  4. these colours are lovely great post hun. xx

  5. the packaging is superb! i love each tube, just like a gorgeous jewelry box


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