Review - Vichy Idealia illuminating face cream

Hello Lovely Ladies!

Two weeks ago I was invited to the great launch of Vichy Idealia cream, the new 'baby' of L'Oreal Laboratoires, that contains the revolutionary ingredient Kombucha.

'Kombucha is a fermented tea that is used worldwide, as it is alleged to boast a number of medicinal properties. It is made by "incubating" the kombucha, a type of mushroom, in sweet black tea.'
Fully fermented this miracle ingredient contains B vitamins, glucoronic and lactic-acid, that mantain the skin's moisture and elasticity.
The active ingredients AHA + Vitamins + Probiotics + Polyphenols help skin regenerate, enhancing its texture and the overall appearance.

 This cream claims to be the reinvention of a radiant, healthy and better looking skin, so I was happy to test it for two weeks now.

 What they say:

                *signs of ageing, wrinkles, dullness and uneven skin texture

                *visibly smoothes the look of wrinkles
                *skin texture appears refined, feels softer to touch
                *re-awakens skin's natural radiance for a fresh and even complexion

 My true opinion:

                             * First of all it smells awesome, I'd rather eat it than apply it on my face, it looks and smells like a blueberry and raspberry souffle       
                             * It's easily absorbed in the skin
                             * Before using this cream my skin used to flake off especially when applying foundation, it was a nightmare, I had a whole skin routine to calm the flakes down :)) now my skin is surprisingly smooth and hydrated; I'm really impressed! 
Even my sis and my best friend have noticed my skin improvements...
                              *Due to the pearl extracts the cream gives a certain glow and softness to my skin
                              *When I wake up in the morning I like the feeling that my skin isn't flaky and oily anymore, I think somehow it also controls sebum production, at least that's what I've noticed 
                                *It's perfect for sensitive eyes, no tears... :) 
                                *The T-zone used to be a bit darker than my cheeks and now it's almost even
                                *I think I found my Holy Grail face cream!

Good to know:

Vichy Idealia it's available for dry skin and normal/combination skin

It also contains the fortifying Vichy Thermal Spa Water


Also suitable for sensitive skin

(This is not a paid review)

My ladies hope you found this review useful and I'm looking forward to your feedback.
Kisses and hugs,muuuaaahh!



  1. I think this cream found it's "Holy Grail" face! :) X

  2. Curious to try this cream

  3. Wow nice post i really like you post, how much it's cost.? and i would like to say all these pictures are looks so nice especially 2nd one picture is really so nice i love your blog, thanks for share with us valuable post, great job.

  4. Oh, I tried this when it was launched, and I love it. I think it´s my third box now.
    Have you tried the other things in the Idealia serie?


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