MAC Studio Sculpt foundation

Hello, hello!

I can't say much about this foundation although I owned it for a while, so it's not a review. Before buying it, I searched on the web for reviews about it and it seemed to be the perfect foundation for everyone and was highly recommended to persons who were looking for a medium-full coverage.

So, I ordered it online, I luckily chose the perfect shade for me - NC20 that time and I was very anxious to try it out.
But the first surprise was when I firstly applied it on my face, it was an instant burn and a very unpleasant, itchy feeling and I started to tear. Well I do have sensitive eyes but that's no excuse.
I also tried it out the next day and it was all the same.
I left it in a drawer thinking it was my bad luck, cause I have sensitive skin...
I ended up throwing it away because the foundation inside the tube looked like a puzzle pattern, I mean it cracked out like a dried soil does...

Recently I discovered there are people around me that had the same allergic reactions with MAC foundations.

Did you have any of these reactions with MAC foundations?




  1. aww.. so sorry to hear about that. I never tried a MAC foundation but have used their lipsticks and blushers. I was happy with the products.

    I just stumbled upon ur blog and found it interesting.. following right away! :)
    Do check it my blog and follow if u like it. I'd be real glad.

  2. O wow, thats such a shame! I purchased it today and i have yet to try it out. i hope that i dont react badly to it as ive heard a few good things about it. thanks for posting this!

    ploy xx

  3. I have a terrible time with MAC foundation. It itches and burns, especially when I get warm. I also have very oily skin and they keep trying different ones and they all just slide off. As well, it turns orange on me. So I have never been much of a MAC fan. Recently, I decided to try their eyeshadows and I can say they have awesome Matte shades. Very expensive though so I went and tried BH Palettes, which I like just as much. I do love the Shell skin illuminator though! I use it as a cheek highlighter, lip gloss (enhances your natural lip color), eyeshadow, etc. Other than that, I stay away from MAC. The MAC snobs are fun to watch sometimes though. When I was walking away from the till one day, one MAC artist said, "Her makeup was so gorgeous!" The other MAC person hissed at her "Ya BUT IT WASNT MAC!!!" I shake my head. So she wouldnt compliment me because it was not MAC? Wow.

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