The best homemade face scrub

Hi, dolls!

I want to share with you this luxurious homemade face scrub recipe, as its effects on skin are spectacular! And it's all natural and doesn't cost you a fortune as if you would have bought it from a beauty store. 
You can use any exfoliating products you have and add any oils you prefer, but I chose brown sugar combined with white sugar to exfoliate the skin and added juice of half a lemon and half teaspoon of coconut oil.

Homemade face scrub
Coconut oil benefits:

* contains vitamin E that nourishes and repairs your skin, protects against premature aging, fights against wrinkling the skin
*contains saturated fats that help the skin keep its moisture 
*antimicrobial role
*heals acne, scars and eczemas

Lemon juice benefits:

*it's well known that lemon juice brightens the skin and it's really effective especially when you have age spots
*remove blackheads
*softens the skin
*tone oily skin
*natural antibacterial role
*the ascorbic acid from the lemons helps healing the acne

Sugar benefits:

*it's a natural humectant, this means that takes moisture from the environment directly to the skin, which helps hydrating the skin
*contains glycolic acid, an active ingredient of many high end beauty and exfoliating creams (you can find it as AHA ingredient)

So, I mixed all these ingredients and used the mixture all at once, very quickly so that the sugar doesn't melt. 
Now gently massage your skin in circular motions for a few seconds and then rinse with warm water. The final result it's a softer, moisturized and healthier skin, you'll love it from the first use, like I did :)
You can also use this mixture all over the body.
*The lemon juice could make your skin sensitive to sun, so if you're using this scrub during the day and then you expose yourself to the sun, just wear a sunscreen cream.

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