Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 Palette Swatches and Review

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As I promised in my last Makeup Revolution Haul post, I will do swatches and reviews for each of the product I ordered, so let's begin with this lovely palette.
Ever since I ordered this Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 palette, which is said to be the Naked Palette 1 dupe, it easily became a must in my kit and I use it every day for my makeup looks. I'm amazed by the quality and the color payoff, especially when it comes for such super affordable price of £4.
I only tried these eyeshadows with primer on my lids, because I tend to have oily lids and they do last all day long without moving or creasing.

This palette gather together highlights, nice pearly and shimmery rosy beige shades suitable for spring makeups, bronze and metallic shadows for summer, matte browns shadows, rusty shades for fall and dark eye shadows for smokey eyes lovers, so that's the perfect mix of textures and colors for any taste.
Yeah, I love this palette! Definitely!

The packaging of this palette comes quite simple, it's a black shiny plastic case with 12 eye shadows, a dual ended sponge applicator, no mirror and transparent lid, which is a good thing. That's why I love Z Palettes, because you can see what's inside.
I believe this is the perfect palette to travel with because of the wide range of colors and textures.

I think the third light brown shade shows up less on my skin than the others eye shadows, because it's quite similar to my skin color and I use it as a transition color or for natural everyday makeup looks as a lid color.

Iconic Palette 1 swatches

I did swatches without primer and with primer so that I can see the difference, but there's almost none. Only the black shadow applies as a dark grey without primer and has a more intense payoff with primer as you can see in the pictures below. The rest of the shadows apply seamlessly, they are creamy and velvety and when applied on the lids they don't have fallouts, except of the black shadow that's a bit 'powdery', but I'm not complaining because it's still pigmented and it also have a fine glitter to it that it doesn't really show up on the lid, so you have to dust off the excess shadow before applying it.

Iconic 1 Palette swatches without primer
Iconic 1 Palette swatches with primer

So I would give this palette a 4.7 stars out of 5 stars, it's a great palette and I would definitely buy the other palettes from the collection. I really recommend it and you can easily order it online at  for £4 or you can buy it from the Superdrug stores.
I simply LOVE Makeup Revolution London products and I will order very soon another beauty stuff. 
What would you recommend me to buy? Have you tried this palette?

Stay tuned for my next post, which is related to this one, because I will have a spring makeup look using this lovely palette. See you soon, guys!

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