How I spent my birthday...

How are you been doing lately?

If  you're here, reading my little post today, I bet you are a bit curious about how I spent my birthday, isn't it? Hahaha, well nothing fancy!
I just wanted to share with you some pics that my hubby captured on the day, which actually was a month ago, on 14th July, but you know how time passes by, especially when you've got a sweet little pack of energy that's swirling and jumping around looking for your attention :))), but I LOVE my two years daughter sooo much and it's worth every minute spent with her. Even now when I'm writing this post she's jumping in my arms showing me a Peppa Pig drawing book.

Ok now! Returning to our sheep or horses :)))), my birthday wasn't a fancy one, not a special makeup nor a fancy restaurant, I just spent all day long on the beach with my family and my best friend, enjoying the sun and taking pictures and playing the model for my hubby :)))), and in the evening they organized a surprise party for me, which was awesome, oh my God, I remember that they were singing "Happy Birthday" to me and I was crying like a baby :D
Don't judge me, I get emotional very quickly and I didn't see that coming...

I also took a ride with this cute short horse, so I really enjoyed and had a great time on my birthday!

Hope you liked the pictures and my short story and I'll be posting more pictures I took on the day in my upcoming post. Stay tuned!


Have a great day, guys!
See you soon! Muuuaaahh!!!

Miki, xoxo



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