Yellow Lace Dress | Full outfit

Hey babes!

I feel like it's been an eternity ever since I wrote my last post on the blog.
 I actually felt so guilty for neglecting it for so long, but over the summer so many good things happened to me that kept me away from blogging, but if you follow me on Instagram (@miki_makeupartist) you definetely are up to date with what I'm doing lately. So luckily I was travelling a bit this summer and I had the chance to catch a bit of sun, because London wasn't too sun friendly this year, I assume that these last days were quite unexpectedly sunny for month of September. Therefore I got my hubby for a ride and we went visiting the Marlow Marina in Buckinghamshire and the surroundings, visiting some friends, sipping a glass of champagne, oh well, we really enjoyed it, it felt like we were young and restless, hahhaha, and I also had the chance to wear a few things that I couldn't wear all summer long because of the weather and took some pictures.

Zara Lace Dress

 I don't wanna get you too bored with a lot of details, this is a Zara dress that I bought back in June or July if I'm not wrong. I really planned on wearing this one a lot, but it wasn't meant to be. I really like this lace dress, it's so easy to wear and so comfy.
It's a stretchy lace fabric and I like the fact that it doesn't have straps and it comes in layers off my shoulders.

Zara Yellow Lace Dress

Babes, let me know if you like this dress and if you want me to post more on what I did this summer ;)

So don't be shy and comment on this post, I would really wanna know your thoughts,muuaahh.

See you really soon guys! Love ya!



  1. You look stunning in this dress! I LOVE the lace and your heels! Such a killer look! :)

    xo, Chloe //


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