Christian Louboutin Shoes Collection Spring/Summer 2011

Hi my lovely ones!
What can I say about Christian Louboutin shoes collection? Hmmmm...Words are too poor to describe these exquisite and gorgeous stilettos.
Let me know which one(s) do you like the most :D

Larissa        15 cm

Change Of The Guard       15 cm

Fastissima            12 cm

Fifi             10 cm

Maggie             14 cm

Denis                10 cm

Big Lips Booty             12 cm

Sexy               10 cm

Miss America           15 cm

Ambertina             15 cm

Corazon                 10 cm

Greissimo Pump              14 cm

Loubout                 10 cm

Mad Marta                  15 cm

Lucifer Bow              12 cm

Lassagi              14 cm

Super Dombasle             16 cm

Une Plume               14 cm

I just loooove them!!! xoxo



  1. amazing!!!
    maybe I turned off internet too soon? now i clicked follow again with my twitter-google ID it shows my name: Michelle K. Lee now you'll be able to see me
    anyways love your post!

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  2. I looooooooooooooooove Louboutin´s shoes!!! They rock!!!
    I particulary like Maggie, Change of the guard, Larissa!

  3. @white-lotusflower
    These are my favourites too and also Fastissima and Fifi. Dreaming...:D


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