My First Award ! The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello sweeties!

Today I received " The Versatile Blogger Award" from GlamourMe (
and I send her back a lot of thanks, kisses and hugs. I really appreciate this and it means so much to me... I'm so excited about this award, I don't even remember when I received the last award...ha ha, well this is my first blog award and I'm really happy :D
To have this award I have to thank and link back to the person who gave it to me, to mention 7 things about myself, to award 15 recently discovered bloggers, then contact them to let them know they win this award.
First rule is checked.

So 7 things about me...
1. I love my husband, he supports me in everything I do and he believes in me.
2. I love my puppy, she's so smart and sweet
3. I don't smoke, I don't drink coffee
4. I hate cruelty to animals
5. I'm obsessed with making every thing perfect
6. I'm a positive and organized person
7. I love eating pasta and strawberry tarts, yummy :))

Ok now, 15 bloggers...I'll choose only 7 (no particular order)
1. Arabian Eyes
2. Padmita's Makeup
3. Plymouth Barbie
4. All the pretty things
5. Bottled Beauty
6. Makeup Moment
7. Pure Addiction

Congrats all of you!

Kisses and hugs! Muuah!



  1. Thanks a bunch HUN! I appreciate this so much :)

  2. Mmm I love strawberry tarts! I hate Animal Cruelty too :( Makes me SO sad xx


  3. Hey hun, congrats on the award, and thanks for passing it on to me. I love reading your blog too :) xxx


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